March 6-7, 2017
YMCA , Jerusalem

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Innovation: Make it Personal

Kendrick Reid — SVP & Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BET Networks


Mr. Kendrick Reid, Innovation: Make it Personal - Large Hall

This is a conference about innovation. But innovation starts with inspiration. Sure there is perspiration, revelation, confirmation and eventually jubilation along the way…but we are going to concentrate on inspiration and innovation as it leads to brand rejuvenations. Now in order to innovate, one has to be innovative…or at least think that way. And that takes education, visualization and lots of inspiration! Sometimes personal, sometimes professional, inspiration can come from anywhere. Recently during the PromaxBDA conference there were some innovative examples of brand rejuvenations. We will explore a few of them while sharing lots of inspiration along the way. Through personal inspirations and awesome brand exemplifications this talk will inspire you to create great innovations

Kendrick Reid — SVP & Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BET Networks


State of Our Art - Small Hall

The most popular event each year at the PromaxBDA conference in the US comes to INTV! The State of Our Art is an exploration of the industries best big ideas of the recent year. Ads that push the boundaries, inspire and innovate, this collection of campaigns engage, inform and entertain. This yearly crowd pleaser is a lively, laugh-filled mix of highlights from across the global sphere of entertainment media.


Best of PromaxBDA 2013 - Small Hall